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Welcome to our student page. If you play an instrument already, sign up for the Bandplayer – it’s free and great fun to use.

Mix Music Education develops resources to help you get playing now! Click on our free first lesson packs in the download section on the right hand side of this page. You can also access the Bandplayer free of charge. This gives you a virtual band were you control the other musicians; if you want to play along, just turn off the musician playing your instrument! Remember, if you want the full JamPod™ experience, find a site near you here.

Learn to play the JamPod™ way


Gives you a manipulatable band, ideal for full class work and a great resource for students just starting to play in a band. Access to the Bandplayer is free; it also provides the most up to date lesson plans and keeps you up to speed on the most recent resources.view the player here
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Mix Music Team

New Team Member for London – James Hannay

Mix Music Team / April 14th, 2015 / no comments

We are delighted to formally announce the appointment of James Hannay as Area Associate for Mix Music Education in London. James has actually been working with Mix Music Education formally for the last 12 months. He met Dan at the inaugural Music Education Expo and they immediately struck up a friendship. Over the coming monthsread more …

Dan Jones

JamPod™ – March 2015 Updates

Dan Jones / March 18th, 2015 / no comments

Five years ago I took the giant leap to leave the classroom. To paraphrase the great Martin Luther King, “I had a dream!”. It was born from my own experiences of classroom music lessons at Secondary & Further Education. As I entered music college, I reflected over my time flowing through the system as aread more …

Mix Music Team

JamPod™ Percussion Program

Mix Music Team / March 17th, 2015 / no comments

I spent a huge part of my classroom music career delivering whole class percussion lessons. One of the biggest frustrations the primary schools I was working in then had, was they had a huge desire to deliver a vibrant music curriculum, but a limited budget to do it with. We used to start our programsread more …