Our latest project transforms traditional Music IT Suites to create an environment loved by students and teachers alike. Utilising iPad, elements of JamPod™ and the latest music technology, JamClassHD engages all in composition and production.

Following the success of our award winning JamPod™ Program in Primary, Secondary and Further Education classrooms, we designed and launched JamClassHD. In our own experience teaching we had found that immediately putting students in front of desktop computers was disengaging many in some of the most important elements of music learning.

We wanted to create an environment for the delivery of music theory, production and composition. We wanted this new program to bridge the excitement of making music practically, with the understanding of how to notate, record and produce the music we are making.

We found the iPad offered the perfect platform to deliver the music curriculum across all key stages. We created JamClassHD with iPad at its core to create a learning platform most appropriate for todays music classroom.

Secondary Education

JamClassHD can be installed in place of desktop PC’s with many of our partner secondary schools now delivering their full curriculum using our specially selected applications. When docked for notational or theory work JamClassHD enables all the functions you would expect from a desktop PC. But when required the iPad’s can be undocked and used either with JamPod™ or used for other activities within the music classroom. These may include smart instrument bands for Y7 & Y8, easy experimentation with sampling, easy creation of looping and so much more.

Each JamClassHD position can include:

Each student JamClassHD position can be connected to the JamPod™ tutors station. Designed specifically for use by teachers, the tutors station can be accessed from your iPad or your desktop computer. The JamPod™ tutors station allows you to:

The iPad interface is completely mobile, allowing you to move around your music classroom freely, whilst keeping in constant touch with whats going on. You can even keep in touch with your lesson if you need to pop out of the room.

For those schools that wish too, Mix Music Education will help you set up an out of school academy which ‘could’ generate you income. Mix Music Education exclusively supply and install JamPod™ & JamClassHD, prices vary dependent on your requirements but we pride ourselves on creating projects that match your budget. JamClassHD can be installed as a designated music IT suite or as part of JamPod™ if space in school is at a premium.

“I love how JamClassHD engages all the students and allows me to work on whole-class workshops with ease. There is now no difference between music in school and how music is made in the ‘real’ world. students are are learning instrument specific skills alongside ensemble skills and all aspects of the National Curriculum.” Jason Greenwell – Matthew Arnold School

Primary Education

We are working with an increasing number of primary schools across the UK on specific programs incorporating iPads. We normally recommend one JamClassHD position is installed along with one JamPod™. This gives school a practical music making space combined with a production space, perfect for exploring your first steps in the music curriculum. This allows access for up up to 9 students but can be used as a resource to enable delivery within whole class. We are aware of space challenges specifically within Primary education and as such all our programs are developed to best use the space available. Please contact us for more information.

“There has been a real buzz in the school since the equipment has been installed. Standards in music will improve overall but I particularly expect to see standards of composition and performing making significant steps forward as all the children view taking part as ’cool’.” Julie Davies – Eveswell Primary School

Training & Support

We offer training and support with all our packages to ensure you get the best from your new equipment. We also offer training for those schools that have already invested in iPads in how best to incorporate them within your current scheme of work. Visit here to access examples of our iPad lesson plans and resources. Basic training sessions normally start at £250 per day including expenses if any are accrued.


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